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Pants on the Ground.

Wed Jan 20, 2010, 6:46 PM
  • Listening to: Pants on the ground.
  • Watching: South Park
  • Eating: Sobeys Bake it Yourself Pizza, mm.
  • Drinking: Tea
Pants on the ground,
Pants on the ground,
Lookin' like a fool with you pants on the ground.

Haha, The coolest song around these days.

Hello whoever reads these things. Today was an okay yet awful day. Let us begin this tale. So, yesterday, I saw the lovely bones with my really good friend. It was quite the movie: trippy, sweet, and kind of creepy.

Anywho, I went home, got ready for school, and went to sleep. Now during this sleep, I kept on waking up every god damn 20 minutes. It was surely not a very restful evening. My alarm finally went off I quickly got up, and got ready for school. I ate some cereal, made some tea, everything was going good. However, my body was disagreeing the whole time. Sharp pains going from my body into my brain, and the general feeling of passing out. Suddenly I realized I was in no shape to drive or really do much of anything that morning. So, I checked the times of when to go to school to make sure I'd make it for my other classes. I then set my alarm, and went back to sleep. My parents then realized I was sleeping and not at school, and they kept on talking to me while I was asleep. But, sure enough I got my shut eye. So, I woke up, made some lunch for myself. Then headed off for my last two classes of the day.

That was basically my day. Terrible morning, and lookin' like a fool with my pants on the ground.

Today is new a day as it would seem. However it is not. I am still unable to fall asleep, or this case stay asleep at this hour. It's only 1 30am. It's truly not that bad. But, I have to be awake for 5 30am. Why so early you may ask... Well I have to travel about an hour and twenty minutes to arrive at my destination on time looking pristine, and elegant. I have to go to college, which is far away from me, and a town that has not much going on. But on the plus side of traveling, I get to come back to my home, eat delicious food, watch television and fall asleep in a really comfortable bed.

So, here I am. Posting a journal entry that doesn't really matter. Watching infomercials that make me want to work out my abs. Sitting on clothes that I have laid out so I know what I will wear. By the way, I am wearing black pants, with white underwear with a prints of sleeping dogs with reindeer antlers on there heads. A Kurt Cobain halter top, that I got off of ebay, and a smokey grey merino wool cardigan. Sounds pretty doesn't it?
  • Listening to: Infomericals
  • Eating: Nutri-grain bar
  • Drinking: My saliva

Pennyroyal Tea

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 15, 2009, 11:00 AM
This is my first journal entry ever. Well, as Mario says.. Here we go!

Sitting here drinking tea, nibbling on rice. Having a good time chilling by myself, with Nirvana playing in the airwaves. It is my Christmas break from college. It has only been about 5 days, and I already feel bored with myself.

Been trying to actually do exciting things for the past couple of days, like try to create noodle man.. but he just isn't seeming to work out. Been hanging out with some friends, and such. It has been all good times so far. Just trying to find something to do with my time is seeming to be a challenge. I believe I just need to dance more?

  • Listening to: Nirvana
  • Watching: My msn conversations blink
  • Eating: Rice with soy sauce
  • Drinking: Tea